This article appeared in the June 2018 issue of Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine

Corporate Chef of Morph Hospitality, Tom Eckert, resides in the kitchen of Tansuo, Morph’s contemporary Chinese restaurant located in Nashville, Tennessee. Meaning ‘to explore’ in Cantonese, Tansuo serves an exploration of Chinese cuisine reminiscent of China’s night markets and traditional street fare. When Eckert is not running the kitchen, he is transporting mass amounts of ingredients to the next catered location on the ever-growing list of events. Chef Eckert rounded up a list of his top tools that keep him organized and at the top of his game during a dinner service or catered function.

This app is a collaboration software, and it allows me to keep up with all of Morph’s different restaurant kitchen teams.

Google Calendar

We have an amazing marketing department that keeps it updated, so I never miss any events or happenings with the restaurants.

Winco Large Plating Spoon

This is my go-to plating utensil. I’ve used the same one for 10 years.

Steve Goodson Knife Roll

Steve customizes each roll specifically to fit your knives. Great quality and look awesome.

Japanese Wa Petty

I use this knife more than any other does. It’s compact and can handle a lot of different jobs.

Joule Sous Vide

Easy to travel with and fits in my carry on.

Yeti Cooler

When doing a cooking event, there’s no better combo than the Joule Sous Vide and a Yeti.

Chevy Suburban

We do a lot of catering, and my suburban can fit enough food to feed 1,000!


Lavex Industrial Nitrile Gloves

These offer a tight fit and are easy to put on.

Double-Sided Sharpie

This is a must. I use the thick side to label food and the thin side for taking notes.


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