It’s a fact, food entrepreneurs are redefining what it means to conduct business and serve customers each and every day.

With the culinary & hospitality industry constantly evolving, if you’re out of the loop, or behind on the times, you’re missing a plethora of opportunities.

From the birth of food trucks to advancements in mobile technology, thousands of food entrepreneurs are building sustainable and scalable businesses centered around their love of food and passion for serving others.

It’s an exciting time to witness the industry’s evolution. But it’s not about sitting on the sidelines, it’s about getting in the game. It’s about building something of your own, pouring your heart into its success and sharing it with the world.

Whether you’re currently a food entrepreneur or aspiring to become one, we’re here for you. Our mission is predicated on your education, evolution, and business success. Simply stated, we’re committed to your entrepreneurial journey.

What We Do

We help food entrepreneurs by providing tools & resources for them to build & grow successful brands & businesses.

Every week, we feature food entrepreneurs who share life and business lessons. Through them, you can expect a mixture of ideas, inspiration, and actionable advice to help with your entrepreneurial journey.

Our business focus means we publish articles and recommend resources to help you generate ideas, create executable plans, develop growth strategies, and more.  If there’s a way to monetize your cooking or baking experience, rest assured we’ll discover, explore, and offer advice on how to pursue it.

If this sounds exciting, just wait until we launch our premium membership with online courses, member-only forums, and special invites to live workshops centered around food entrepreneurship.

Who We Serve

We proudly serve aspiring and current food entrepreneurs looking to impact the world with their products and services – people devoted to their craft with a creative flair and aspirations to make a difference by serving others.

You’re a great fit for our community if you have a love of food, an entrepreneurial spirit, not afraid of hard work and aspire to build and grow a successful business of your own.

From restaurateurs to food truck owners, line cooks to chefs, caterers to consultants, bloggers to vloggers, writers to wranglers, you name it, we’re here for you.

We know by serving you in the best way possible it translates into satisfied customers and thriving communities, and to us, that’s success.

Our Story

We began simply as a training course to help aspiring food entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into executable plans.

After our founder, Shawn Wenner, worked with industry chefs and professionals developing the curriculum, he quickly realized there was more to share – a lot more.

The idea of a digital platform and online community was born. A place that unites all types of food entrepreneurs to share real lessons and practical advice with one another. A training camp for the food entrepreneurs of tomorrow. And eventually, an incubator for culinary-driven startups.

Our story is just beginning, and we’re excited to have you with us.

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