What an inspiring story we have to share with you this week! Chef Eric LeVine is a five-time cancer survivor who has made a name for himself over the last couple of decades of working in the hospitality industry. With humble beginnings, he worked for and was mentored by chef David Burke in the early days, but has since opened up his own restaurants, appeared on various national TV programs and published two cookbooks – all while fighting through personal challenges unlike any more of us will ever face. You definitely don’t want to miss this inspiring conversation with a super talented chef and stand-up guy!

In this conversation we discuss:

  • Getting through the most challenging parts of his career
  • The importance of taking care of your health and what that looks like
  • Creating a plan of action to prioritize and focus on getting important things done
  • And more!

Many thanks to the episode sponsors: Le Cordon Bleu International

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