Restaurateur Cameron Mitchell came from humble beginnings and to see where he is now would surprise almost anyone. He is the founder and driving force behind his namesake restaurant group, Cameron Mitchell Restaurants. He went from barely opening his first restaurant by the skin of its teeth to now, owning dozens of restaurants in a dozen or so states.

Needless to say, Cameron Mitchell in his tenure in the hospitality industry has acquired invaluable experience, with lessons along the way. Now, going on four decades in the hospitality industry, Mitchell is starting a new chapter of his life and career in hopes of sharing what he’s learned over the last forty years in business with those willing and eager to listen – these lessons he put into a newly released book, The Answer is Yes! What is the Question? and he was kind enough to spend some time sharing his wealth of knowledge with us.

In this conversation we discuss:

  • How very close Mitchell was to his first restaurant not getting funded, but also how he was able to persevere and see his dreams turn into reality.
  • The biggest thing that separates Cameron Mitchell Restaurants from almost every other restaurant out there.
  • How Cameron and his team decide what types of opportunities to pursue.
  • And much more!

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