Did you know that it takes the average human being less than 8 seconds to form a first impression? With fierce competition a feature of the hospitality sector and reviews playing an increasingly influential role in consumer decision-making, it’s more important to impress from the outset than ever before. If you’re keen to get diners onside, here are some handy hints. 

External aesthetics

If you manage a restaurant, it’s critical to understand the impact of aesthetics. It’s human nature to form impressions and make judgments based on what we see. The appearance of your eatery can make all the difference when it comes to your brand image and the perception passers-by have of your business. Try to ensure that the area around your premises is clean and tidy, use signage to attract attention and give customers an idea of what your brand is about, and pay attention to detail. Cleaning the windows, removing trash and hanging flowers outside can help to make the exterior more welcoming and inviting. You want people to see your restaurant and then have an urge to go in and sample the delicious menu. A lack of cleanliness or a dingy, dated frontage can put people off and create negative perceptions.

Beautiful, enticing menus

Many of us look forward to visiting restaurants, and there’s nothing better than trawling through a menu and envisioning the tasty treats you’re about to devour. Most diners like to know what is on the menu before sitting down or booking a table, so it’s advantageous to display your menu outside and to add a copy to your website and social media feeds. Your menu might be the first thing people see when they hear about your business, so it’s critical to get off on the right foot. Using menu templates, you can create and share beautiful menus, which embody your brand and leave diners wanting more. Your menu should be an integral part of your branding strategy. Choose themes, fonts and colors that represent the kind of experience you provide and the cuisine you serve. Whether you run a retro diner that is perfect for parties or a fine dining establishment, you can use your menus to show off the personality and ethos of your brand.

A warm welcome

There are few things more off-putting for diners than standing in the entrance and waiting for an age to be seated. As a business owner, it’s beneficial to instill a culture that prioritizes customer service. Greeting customers as soon as they walk through the door, offering a warm smile and asking them how they are is a great place to start. 

Outstanding customer service

There is no point in serving incredible food if the service you provide is poor. People want to enjoy a wonderful meal, but they also have expectations when it comes to customer service. You should aim to be attentive without being intrusive, to serve meals swiftly without making guests feel like they’re rushing and to be courteous and approachable. If the food and the service are fabulous, diners are much more likely to leave rave reviews and recommend your restaurant to others.

First impressions count for everything in the restaurant trade. Hopefully, these tips will help you get your diners onside from the outset. 

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