You want to be the best option on the market for your customers, and that means it’s time to prioritize convenience. After all, not every diner wants to get dressed up and go out for something to eat – a lot of us want the food delivered straight to us instead! And if you want to impress the current eating market, you’re going to have to build the best delivery service known to man. 

Now, that might sound impossible to do, but with the recent innovations in tech, and your stellar customer service, it won’t take long before you have a 5 star delivery service up and running! All you need are a couple of good ideas, and the bones to see them through. So, let’s get into a few of the nitty and gritty details below.

Build a Secure Online Payment Option

You don’t want your customers to still have to come in to order something for takeout! You want them to be able to use a convenient option – that means they come to you whenever they want to, no matter where they are, and you’re guaranteed repeat business! But you need to be sure that your online payment option is secure, and that your customers are safe to use it time and time again. 

After all, if even just one payment slips through an insecure channel, that news is going to spread amongst your customer base like wildfire. From a reputation standpoint, you don’t want that. But as a responsible business owner, who puts the customer first, you definitely don’t want that! You need to be able to build a payment point that encrypts every transaction, without fail, and allows the customer the choice to keep their card details out of the system. 

At the same time, you’ll be protecting your company from mobile security threats; it’s hard to tell what’s on the internet these days, but if anyone scans your channel and is able to see every transaction as it goes through, in real time and without cover, they’re going to be able to exploit this glitch in the system for all it’s worth. 

Enable GPS Tracking on Your Customer’s End

If your customer puts an order through, they’re now going to wonder how long the food will take to arrive. To help put their mind at rest, and also keep them updated on the journey their food will take, you can enable GPS tracking on their end. If you have your own couriers, or if you sign up to a food delivery platform such as Uber Eats, you’ll be able to do this easily! 

You could change your website around a little, to update the customer on when their food is being prepared, and when it’s going in the oven, and when it’s ready to go out for delivery. Cool animatics can do the job for you, so be sure to hire a graphic designer or a webmaster to put this system into place for you. 

Hey, it’ll definitely boost the user retention rates on your website, and that in turn might just help you to rank a little better on a search engine’s algorithm. It’s always a nice stat to be able to rank high, and with a little more effort like this, you won’t have much trouble in doing so. 

Pack the Food Properly! 

And of course, if you want to set up the best delivery service you can, you’re going to have to ensure the food is packed properly. This is so it all stays properly wrapped up and in place, with no spillages or leaks, and that it stays warm for as long as possible. If you’re sending out hot food, and a delivery guy gets stuck in traffic, you need to be able to work in the comfort that the food will withstand the challenge. 

This might involve investing in some new packing materials, but it’ll definitely require an insulated bag for every single person who is hired to take the food out and about. 

So, Can You Build a Quality Delivery Service? 

Of course you can! It takes time and effort, and as a small business it might take a while to put the hours in, but that’s necessary for polishing off the final product. Make sure you do so with ideas like these in mind, to keep your delivery service functioning for another day. It’s a core ideal for your business, so try to perfect it!

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