If you’re fanatical about food, why not look into changing career and turning your passion into an income? If you’re unhappy in your current job and are looking for ideas for things you could do, it makes sense to make a choice based on something you genuinely enjoy. Here are some fun food business ideas to consider.

Start a Catering Company

If you’re a skilled cook and love working with food, then a catering business will be an enjoyable way to earn a living. First things first, find your niche- what makes you different to other caterers? You could specialize in weddings, corporate events, kids parties or other occasions and tailor your business to this. You could offer all vegan, vegetarian or allergen-free menus. Maybe you only use locally sourced ingredients of the finest quality? Once you know what kinds of catering company you’ll be running, you can have fun creating your menus and perfecting your recipes.

Open Your Own Restaurant

Maybe you have a long career history of working in hospitality and know how to manage and run this kind of venue. Perhaps you’re a professional chef and have experience working in restaurants, and it’s your dream to open your own one day. A restaurant makes an exciting and interesting business, but it’s hard work and does require you to have experience in the field so you know what you’re doing. If you’re planning on being the head chef, you’ll need to hire a sous chef, kitchen staff and workers to run the front of house side of things. If you’re not a professional cook and plan on working front of house, then you’ll need to find skilled chefs. Again, work out your USP, decide on your niche and the kinds of foods and dishes you’ll sell. A quick-service restaurant point of sale system will make it easier to keep on top of the daily runnings of the business.

Run Cake Decorating Classes

Decorating cakes is fun and creative, and if you have experience in doing so then why not run classes? This could be a business within itself, or it could be an extra way to earn money if you already own a bakery. From making modelling chocolate figures to sugar roses and much more, you get to be creative and pass your knowledge onto others which can be really satisfying.

Turn Ingredients into Gourmet Items

If your passion lies out in the garden as well as in the kitchen, why not combine the two? You could grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs and turn them into things like jams, jellies and chutneys. These kinds of homemade products sell well at farmers markets and craft fairs, and could at least be a side income if not a full time one depending on how much you’re able to make.

Do you run a food-based business? Is it something you would consider doing?


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