If you are trying to run a foodie business because you love nothing more than rustling up a gastronomic feast in the kitchen and you understand how to construct a menu, you could choose to set up a restaurant. However, if you yearn for more freedom and you want to tap into an on trend way of eating, a street food truck could be for you. Think about how you can create authentic cuisine that the masses would adore. Running a food business is tough at the best of times. Competition is fierce and you can struggle to meet overheads and profit margins can be tiny. Follow this guide and consider whether the street food business model is for you.

Business Plan

As with any other venture, you need to hone a business plan. The menu and the food is only a small part of your startup. Think about how you will generate the initial cash injection that you will need. You could choose to apply for a professional loan, you might want to seek advice from a business angel, or you could crowdfund. Explore all of these options in your plan.

Also, use your business plan to consider how you can futureproof your venture. Think about how you can maximize your productivity by outsourcing your IT requirements as described at https://www.spectrumwise.com/. Cutting edge IT is needed for all businesses and can enable you to hone the most appropriate sector-specific software that you need for your startup.

The Food

A major part of your passion for your business will be the food. Doing something that you love is a real luxury but you also need the business acumen to back it up. When thinking about your food, think about what you love to cook, your heritage, and your ability to turn out profitable dishes in a short space of time. Street food is rustic. It isn’t a three course sit down formal affair. People want something quick and dirty that is hearty and gives a new and different flavor combination to try. You might want to mix things up a bit and try some fusion cuisine. The easiest way to do this is to practice some cooking at home. Foodie entrepreneurs like The English Indian and Buddha Belly have combined two authentic cuisines to make something extraordinary.

Your Venue

Being a street food business means that you can remain mobile. You never have to commit to a static premises and the accompanying hefty lease. Instead, you can venture to food festivals like those listed at https://www.cntraveller.com/, cater wedding receptions, and attend corporate events. You need a vehicle that looks the part and matches the vibe of your business. Some horse trailers have been converted into mobile gun bars or fully fitted kitchens. These have a retro vibe and can be decorated with your logo complete with banners, a menu board, and a serving hatch. Alternatively, you might prefer a mobile catering van or a VW campervan that is converted to serve hotdogs, Thai food, or bao buns. 

Starting a food business is challenging. However, the street food business model could be just what you need to thrive in the foodie world.

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