(This sponsored article by Libbey® originally appeared in the Sept 2018 issue of Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine)

The white plate has, and probably always will, reign supreme in the foodservice universe – for its extreme flexibility and ability to make virtually every type of food shine. But, when used wisely, infusing distinctive colors and styles to your presentations can bring new energy and create a unique character that set you apart.

Expressive dinnerware can make for an experience that is funky, eclectic or adventurous – and always memorable. Whether it’s a colorful accent or a full-on visual spectacle, here are 5 tips for bringing new hues, textures and shapes to your presentations to help your brand stand out.

A Little Goes a Long Way

It doesn’t take a rainbow of dinnerware to introduce a fresh look. Consider mixing in just a few elements to your existing collection. Whether for a shared plate or the chef’s specials, a unique accent piece of tableware can focus attention on the main attraction.

Libbey’s extensive and growing dinnerware selection provides stunning trend-forward options that are made to flexibly mix and match for virtually endless combinations. That means you can get even more usage from your tableware through endless inspired combinations.

Striking Contrasts

Creating vivid contrast between the dinnerware and food helps create presentations that pop. Dishes that can look blah against a white plate, like fettuccini or white rice, take on new depth and interest when plated against a rich color. This kind of contrast can dramatically influence people’s perception of food. In fact, contrasting the food and plate has even been proven to make a smaller amount of food look more substantial – great for presenting dishes with a more modest portion.

Well-chosen color complements are a great way to create pleasing contrast. The deep blue hues of new World® Stonewash pattern create a stunning backdrop to orange and brown hues, like those in the oyster dish featured here. Add to the visual tapestry by pairing it with the stylish patterns of SCHÖNWALD Shabby Chic, from Libbey’s Artistry Collection™ of premium brands, or create striking contrast against bright-white dinnerware, such as Constellation™ dinnerware.

The “Handmade” Look

As evidenced by the rising “maker” movement, the handmade look is definitely in vogue. Pieces that are “perfectly imperfect” create a down-to-Earth charm – adding authenticity and depth to your presentations and brand.

Serve your guests with stoneware that’s rich with character – like new World® Dulcet pattern. With a distinctive dash-and-dotted design, it comes in natural-looking colors including pink, cream and gray.

Organic Hues and Textures

In addition to going to the vibrant side of the color spectrum, your dinnerware can also create a rich natural aesthetic that brings a cultivated feel. Introducing organic textures and design can further intensify the character and intrigue.

The new Hedonite pattern from World® tableware is formed with a heat-reactive glazing process that introduces a distinctive spectrum of intermingling colors, and no two pieces are the same. Additionally, options from Libbey’s World Driftstone pattern provide a range of rich earthy tones, including new clay body color.

Far-Off Places

Introducing global influences lets guests taste the world without leaving the neighborhood. Let your tableware enhance the adventure with bold designs that engage the imagination and inspire the wanderlust within your guests.

The tribal style of newly introduced Afar is ideal for creating adventures on the plate with your worldly-inspired dishes – taking guests on a thrilling journey to far-off lands. As with Hedonite, these expressive textures look great when contrasted against Driftstone.

Libbey offers A Full Spectrum of creative Options

Your guests constantly crave something new. That’s why Libbey® is always bringing you the fresh, insight-driven tabletop solutions that help you serve your one-of-a-kind experiences. We help you blend your venue’s unique character with today’s major culinary trends – keeping your guests coming back for more. For more inspiration, explore our new 2018 re:FRESH product introduction LookBook or visit foodservice.libbey.com.

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