Entrepreneurial Chef – December 2018

What will you learn from our featured guests?

+ Chris Nixon: How Element 112 Creates the Ultimate Guest Experience

+ Mary Sue Milliken & Susan Feniger: On Partnership, Change & Opportunities

+ Silvia Baldini: From Art Director to Chef Entrepreneur

+ Shaun O’Neale: Going All-In With Your Passion

+ Mareya Ibrahim: The Business of Natural Products

What will you learn from our contributors?

+ Is Your Menu Killing Your Sales

+ How to Navigate Social Media Ad Insights for Your Food Business

+ 10 Signs It’s Time to Let Go of Certain Offerings

+ Start-Up Capital: How to Finance Your New Food Business

+ 8 Negotiating Strategies for Reducing Rental Rates

+ Is Catering a Viable Revenue Stream?

+ Much, much, more!

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