Entrepreneurial Chef – March 2018

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What will you learn from our featured guests?

+ Richard Blais: There’s No Simple Path to Success

+ Erica Barrett: A Specialty Food Producer Who Dominated Trade Shows

+ Kaysen & Zimmern: The Quest to Fuel Professional Athletes

+ Tracy Chang: 3 Tenets for Success – Food, Community & Collaborations

+ Jeremy Fall: A Journey From Pop-Ups to Restaurants

What will you learn from our contributors?

+ The Ultimate Legal Question: Can I Protect My Recipes?

+ Standout: Making Use of Current Marketing Trends

+ Hospitality Talk: The Tender Secret & Best Lesson

+ Perceived Enjoyment + Experience = More Money Spent

+ Leveraging Crowdfunding to Launch Dream-Projects

+ Four Reasons Food Trucks Will Continue to Rise in Popularity

+ Much, much, more!

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