Have you ever worked on a project that just felt right?

A project so exciting it pulled you forward rather than you having to push?

Well, that’s exactly how I felt while building Entrepreneurial Chef. And today, I’m not only excited to share, but to officially begin the journey.


I noticed something while at Le Cordon Bleu College as the Director of Admissions. Hundreds, if not thousands, of students through the years had entrepreneurial dreams. They wanted a restaurant, food truck, to become a personal chef or caterer, yet only a small percentage would realize their dream.

Despite thousands of personal reasons, I deduced a commonality. There wasn’t a resource with real, relevant, and actionable advice to help them. A place focused on food entrepreneurship and dedicated to helping people build and grow their businesses.

So I decided to create one!


There are several goals, but here’s the short list…

  • To create an online community where food entrepreneurs can give and receive advice.
  • To help aspiring food entrepreneurs launch their ventures by providing valuable content and resources.
  • To build a library of online training programs relating to food entrepreneurship.
  • To explore the many ways to monetize culinary & pastry experience so food entrepreneurs can diversify themselves.
  • To create live workshops centered around food entrepreneurship across the country.


You can expect to see interviews from various types of food entrepreneurs – celebrity chefs, restaurateurs, food bloggers, consultants, etc. The goal is to give a mixture of inspirational stories, ideas, and actionable advice to help with your journey.

You can expect to see articles and recommended resources to help you generate ideas, create executable plans, develop growth strategies, and more.

You can expect we’ll discover, explore, and offer advice on the many ways individuals are monetizing their experience in the industry today.

Finally, in due time, you can expect online courses and live conferences worth taking the time to attend.


If you operate within the boundaries of the culinary & hospitality industry as an aspiring or current entrepreneur, then the site’s for you.

Anyone from restaurateurs, food truck owners, line cooks, chefs, caterers, consultants, bloggers, vloggers, writers, wranglers, sommeliers, to food critics, and on and on.

Whether you want to build and grow an entire business, or simply diversify yourself in various ways, we’re dedicated helping you achieve your goal.


If everything you hear sounds exciting, well, join the club! We’ll send you interviews and articles as they’re published. You’ll receive recommended resources from food entrepreneurs. And as we build our premium membership, you’ll be kept in the loop with special invites.

One big note, it’s important to know we’ll never SPAM you or sell your information to anyone. We’re in this for the long-haul, so your trust is important. We’ll never do anything to compromise it – ever!

Join the Club


As I mentioned, this project has pulled me forward and has been exciting every step of the way. It’s something myself and all of the team members on board are equally passionate about. So you can expect we will give our best to make this a primary resource for entrepreneurs in the industry – guaranteed!

Well, that’s it’s for now. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and please pass us along to anyone you think will enjoy our site.

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