It would be hard to argue with someone who suggested that food trucks are the fastest growing market in the business of food. Where street food was once something you would come across at events, it is now a part of everyday life and you might well want to get a piece of this action. Here we are going to take a look at some of the vital things that you should consider before getting set up.


Quite possibly the most important part of any food truck is the location that you are going to be operating in; in fact, you could probably argue that a street food vendor’s business will live and die by their chosen location. The reason for this is pretty simple, if you aren’t where the foot traffic is going to be, then you won’t be able to attract customers to your truck.

It is important to note at this point that you are likely to find that locations that are seemingly perfect may very well come with a premium cost associated with it. In this way, operating a food truck and running a restaurant aren’t too different. However, you don’t have to be on the doorstep of your potential clientele, just accessible. Look into business parks and areas with offices and approach the local authorities to set your truck nearby.

Customer Service

Once you have your location, the next step is to create a bond with your customers. As we have referenced above, there is high demand in the food truck game and so you will need to have a relationship with the customer that makes them want to return. This means getting your menu right and bearing in mind the market you are serving. If you are aiming for the lunchtime crowd then you should be focussing your efforts on making sure your service is quick and efficient through technology like wireless card reader. Remember, we are living in an increasingly cashless society, so making it possible to pay via card is an absolute must.

You might also want to consider loyalty cards that promise a pot at the end of the rainbow like a free lunch or drink. There are many methods that you can implement to create repeat custom, and one of the main ones is just to give the best customer service that you can.


To have good customer service, you first need to attract people to your food truck. The traditional way of doing things will serve you well here, and that is by marketing yourself adequately. One tried and tested technique that will help boost your truck’s business is by leafleting on the days that you are at your location. By having clear branding that is represented on your pamphlets as well as the signage of your base, you will create recognition with locals which you can turn into business.

Branding is incredibly important for any business, but especially in a market that is as crowded as street food. Unlike a restaurant, the average customer at a food truck doesn’t have time on their side and isn’t looking for a full menu – so your branding should give a clear signal to them about what you sell and what they should expect. This means rather than focussing on a broad spectrum of recipes, focus on a group that works as a unit such as BBQ, Greek, or Mexican.

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