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We’re always interested in varying perspectives relating to food entrepreneurship, so let’s get you some info!

First, there are two types of content pieces we publish, articles and interview.

We don’t accept unsolicited submissions for either, but we do accept pitches for both.

After you pitch your idea, we may invite you to create your masterpiece and get added to our editorial calendar.

Fair warning, we’re a bit strict with our guidelines when it comes to guest submissions because we take a lot of pride in delivering only the best content to the Entrepreneurial Chef community.

So, think you’ve got what it takes? Read on.

Please note: If your pitch does not adhere to the guidelines below, you will not receive a response.

General Requirements

Quality. We look for great writing, so we may ask you to go through several revisions and edits before we publish.

Originality. It goes without saying, but if your article has been previously published, we won’t accept it.

Understand Our Audience. Our readership is comprised of aspiring and active food entrepreneurs – from culinary students to CEO’s – who seek ideas, inspiration, and actionable advice.

Actionable. Our main requirement is that your article provides useful and actionable advice to our audience.

Clear & Concise. We don’t have word requirements, but articles tend to be 800-2000 words and interviews tend to be 2500-5000 words. No matter the length, the information should be detailed without sounding repetitive.

Promotion. Entrepreneurial Chef will promote on various channels, depending on where the content is published (website or magazine), but we ask that you engage in sharing the content as well.

Re-Posting. Once published on the website or inside Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine, contributors are not permitted to re-post the article on any other business websites or media outlets. Personal blogs or sites is perfectly acceptable if you mention the article was originally posted on Entrepreneurial Chef. This maintains the integrity of Entrepreneurial Chef’s content.

Ready To Pitch?

Tell us your idea. Only the idea, not the finished product.

Please include:

  • Two suggestions for a headline for your idea.
  • A few sentences summarizing the main idea of the post, not to exceed 150 words.
  • A basic outline of what you intend to write, and what direction you want to take.

Each piece of published content will include an author box and link to your site. Your bio should be 2-3 sentences and we will need your preferred head shot.

If your pitch is accepted, then we’ll ask you to submit a draft. Please note that a successful pitch does not automatically ensure your piece will be published.

Fine Print

If you are a publicist filling out this form for your client, you acknowledge that Entrepreneurial Chef will accept this as a formal acknowledgment to the terms and conditions by your client.

Before sending us any contributions or submissions you indemnify Entrepreneurial Chef from any claim or impairment that may arise as a consequence of your ‘factual’ statements being fictitious or any infringement of a right of any third-party.

By submitting a contribution, you accept the terms and conditions in relation to each and every single piece within your submission, including but not limited to copy, photographs and illustrations sent to us.

All written content submitted to Entrepreneurial Chef is for the exclusive sole use of Entrepreneurial Chef and not to be re-purposed or reused in any other media or on the internet.

By sending us photographs you authorize the following:

  • You are the sole owner and copyright holder of the photograph taken and that all the rights attached to the image belong to you;
  • The photograph was not taken in the engagement for ‘work for hire’, as a member of staff or whatever-or any other pact of whereof ownership or other explicit privileges, which may affect the prospect of publishing the photograph, imparted or imparted to any other individual;
  • The photograph is not cooperative or a plagiaristic piece of work;
  • The photograph is original.

No liability can be taken for the condition and precision of copy supplied and our editors may edit your copy where they deem necessary. The publishers protect the right to reject and amend any contribution/material supplied. We take no responsibility for typographical mistakes and omissions.

All materials submitted may be used as future advertising or publicity for Entrepreneurial Chef. The views and attitude printed in these publications are not necessarily those of the publisher. No fault will be taken for any judgment made by the reader, consequently resulting to opinions.

We accept everything from text to illustrations to photographs. Please submit any images along with all credits.

That wraps it up!

If you feel like you’re up to the challenge and want to become a part of the Entrepreneurial Chef team, then go ahead and fill out the form below!

Do you agree to the terms above?

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