Tips for Becoming a Culinary Brand Ambassador with David Rose

Tips for Becoming a Culinary Brand Ambassador with David Rose

David “Big Swole” Rose is a celebrity biker, chef, caterer and a food columnist. Since graduating culinary school in 2006, David has accomplished more in the last decade than some do in their entire career. As he says, “I’ve always had a thirst for growth.” Through the years, he’s been able to combine his passions to create unique lifestyle events, while simultaneously acting as a brand ambassador.
The “biker chef” is also a culinary partner with the Big Green Egg Grill and a personal chef to many high profile and professional clientele. In addition, he’s also the creator of the “T.L.C. Experience: Tapas, Libations, and Cigars, and the designer and creator of SwoleNation Motor Clothing and Apparel.
In our interview for Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine, we zeroed in on what it’s like to be a culinary brand ambassador and how others can link up with popular brands to combine their passion for culinary and their desire to leverage a platform. David gives some incredibly valuable “how-to” tips and below is an excerpt of his interview with pointed advice for becoming a culinary brand ambassador.

Secrets of a Successful Restaurateur with Luigi Diotaiuti

Secrets of a Successful Restaurateur with Luigi Diotaiuti

Raised on his family’s farm in Basilicata, Italy, Luigi’s relationship to nature created the foundation to his culinary career. One of six children, he spent his days tending to the farm and cooking authentic Italian delicacies in the evenings with his family.

Following receipt of his culinary diploma from the Istituto Alberghiero di Maratea in 1979, Luigi continued his culinary adventures working in some of the poshest locations in the world. His imaginative cooking style and passion for unique, authentic ingredients were further honed in Tuscany, Sardinia, Venice, Paris, and the United Kingdom and beyond.

In 1999, Luigi’s was presented with a prize given by the Italian government to the world’s most authentic Italian restaurants outside of Italy (the Insegna del Ristorante Italiano) – by the Italian President Oscar Scalfaro. He was also inducted into the State Department’s American Chef Corps by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Shortly after arriving in DC in 1990 he opened his first restaurant “Al Tiramisu” in the Dupont Circle area of Washington. Named the “most authentic” restaurant in DC, Luigi has an elite clientele to include Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, George Clooney and Matt Damon. To continue the success even further, Luigi opened his second fine dining Italian restaurant “Aperto,” just blocks from The White House.

In our Q&A with Luigi for Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine, we cover his background, entrepreneurial leap, operational insights from owning multiple restaurants, and a few “secrets” to becoming a successful restaurateur. Below is a snapshot from the interview with a few tips for anyone looking to become a successful restaurateur.

Expert Advice Before Stepping Off the Ledge as a Culinary Entrepreneur

Expert Advice Before Stepping Off the Ledge as a Culinary Entrepreneur

There’s a certain level of attraction of being your own boss, writing your own checks, and enjoying the freedom and flexibility the entrepreneurial lifestyle brings.

There’s a very big “but” though…

…It’s not for everyone!

Despite those who make the entrepreneurial lifestyle look “easy,” it can be a very grueling and unforgiving process.

To ensure you are equipped before you take the entrepreneurial leap, here are seven experts who share some pearls of wisdom before you take the leap.

Eric Cacciatore: 8 Tips for Podcasting Like a Pro

Eric Cacciatore: 8 Tips for Podcasting Like a Pro

Eric Cacciatore is the man behind the top-rated podcast Restaurant Unstoppable. A place where he converses with icons in the industry and encourages them to share pearls of wisdom with an audience of restaurateurs.

How’d he do it you ask?

It couldn’t have been from flying to a conference, sleeping on a hammock in the mountains, renting a bicycle, and enticing well-known restaurateurs, to the likes of Ari Weinzweig, to becomes guests on his show, right?

And he definitely wouldn’t have continued to push out amazing content week after week as a student of the industry for years without making a single penny, right?


That’s exactly what he did and more!

With sheer dedication, passion, and persistence, Eric worked tirelessly to build a respected resource for the industry.

Eric’s full interview is featured in the latest issue of Entrepreneurial Chef Magazine, where he unravels the incredible story of his journey building the Restaurant Unstoppable Podcast, but for now, here are some keys to podcasting success from our time with Eric.

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